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Choose the Perfect Cornish Bedroom Print: Tips to Transform Your Space with Wall Art prints

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Choose the Perfect Cornish Bedroom Print: Tips to Transform Your Space with Wall Art prints

Regarding bedroom wall art, here at the John Dyer Gallery, we have a wide selection of Cornish limited-edition prints, open-edition prints and posters. Most of these would make perfect bedroom prints. In this blog, we focus on our acclaimed range of affordable wall art poster prints from artists John Dyer and Joanne Short, as they are available with a wide range of images and in four perfect sizes with framed and unframed options for you. It is the perfect art print range to design your bedroom around as it is colourful, contemporary, and high quality and allows you to purchase multiples at affordable prices.

Cornish bedroom art 

There are several things to consider when deciding what to buy and where to hang your piece of art. Bedrooms can be completely transformed using a piece of wall art.

  • Firstly, you want to choose pieces that complement your existing decor, unless you intend to do a whole makeover, in which case you can decorate the bedroom walls to make the prints or posters you have chosen look their best.
  • Secondly, you'll need to decide the height to hang it - which usually means at eye level, but that doesn't always follow.
  • And finally, don't be afraid to mix and match different styles and frames to create a look that's all your own.

With these tips in mind, we can look closer at choosing and hanging bedroom posters and prints to make it look its best and bring the room to life.

London posters by Joanne Short in sleek apartment 

A bedroom print to suit your room

What kind of art looks good in the bedroom?

If you are looking to hang an art print or poster in a master bedroom, you may want to keep to something calm and relaxing; perhaps images in softer shades to create a place of peace and quiet. It may be the theme rather than the colour that is important. Is it an image of somewhere you have visited somewhere in the world that holds personal memories? Or do you choose a theme instead?

A child's bedroom would suit a more busy and colourful picture with lots going on - something you can talk to your child about and make stories up from, perhaps.


Amazon posters by John Dyer in kid's bedroom

Above are two examples of art with a narrative to inspire a child and give them something to talk about and create stories about. One features John Dyer's Amazon rainforest wall art prints.

A young adult may want to have something with more energy or an image of something that reminds them of their childhood or family holidays they have been on.

Manhattan poster by Joanne Short in teen bedroom 

Here we have an example of a trendy piece of wall art featuring a New York city print by Joanne Short hanging in a teenager's bedroom.

Cornish Bedroom Prints - What to Choose and Why

Work with a theme

Try choosing a theme that runs across the whole room - beaches or sailing, sunsets or dark skies, holidays, day or night - you are sure to discover something that works for you.

Cornish poster prints from The John Dyer Gallery 

Above are a pair of John Dyer's images of Tresco and Godrevy Lighthouse, giving the room a light, bright seaside theme.

Colour - make a statement

When it comes to colour, it can be easier to make an art print 'pop' by hanging it on a strongly coloured wall. Maybe pick a colour that is accented in the image you have chosen and paint the wall in the same shade. Perhaps a midnight sky on a dark blue wall or a sunflower image on a yellow wall.

Sunflower poster by Joanne Short in yellow bedroom

The poster above of Holywell Bay by Joanne Short is full of rich colours, which are reflected in the bright yellow wall and the purple soft furnishings, which pick out the colour of the banner at the bottom of the image.

Posters of London by Joanne Short

Here we have the same room, this time with a soft blue wall which picks out some of the colours in the pictures. The pictures are smaller and hung in a group - in this case; they are themed images of London. The room is completely transformed.


A different colour frame on a piece of artwork will change the look and give the room a different feel. Take into account the furniture you have and try to fit it in. If in doubt, a white frame always looks smart and doesn't distract from the image.


Sometimes the size of the print can make all the difference. A small print on a big wall can often look lost, but a big image on a small wall could overpower the space. A piece of art can make a statement whether it is big or small; it just has to be in the right place.

Large Watergate Bay poster by Joanne Short in loft bedroom

Above, we have an attic room with a large end wall. Because the room is light and airy, it affords itself a large image. Below we have a similar, but smaller attic room which looks good with a smaller version of the same image. In each of these rooms, we have chosen the optimum size picture for it.

Small poster of Watergate Bay by Joanne Short in loft bedroom

Bedroom Wall Art Prints - How to Hang them

Salon Hanging

Salon hanging of pictures, also known as salon style or salon grouping, is a style of displaying art in which a large number of smaller-scale artworks are hung together in order to form an overall harmonious display. This method of arranging artwork is prevalent in galleries and museums, allowing visitors to view the work all at once instead of focusing on one piece at a time. The pieces are usually arranged in groups, with the larger pieces near the centre and the smaller ones spread out around them. There is no single “right” way to hang a salon style – you can experiment with different arrangements and find what works best for you. 

Bedroom wall salon hang

Bohemian salon hang John Dyer Gallery art prints

Above are two examples of a group of pictures that are similar in style and colour but in different sizes and shapes, all hung together on one wall.

Hanging in a Row

Poster wall art from John Dyer Gallery hung in a line

Hanging pictures in a row at the same height is a classic way of displaying artwork. This method allows you to see each piece of art without it being overpowered by adjacent work. It also creates a sense of symmetry and order, which can be calming and pleasing to the eye. To hang pictures in this fashion, use the same type of hanging method on every picture, then line them up in an even row across the wall. Make sure that all of the frames are hung at the same height and evenly spaced apart to create a balanced look.

Wall Colour

Joanne Short posters on a yellow wall

Joanne Short posters on a dark wall

Using either bright or dark-coloured walls when hanging wall art can drastically change the mood of a room. Darker walls are great for creating a dramatic and mysterious atmosphere, while lighter colours give off a cheerful and optimistic vibe. Hanging artwork against a brightly coloured wall can make the artwork stand out more, making it the room's focal point. Conversely, placing a picture on darker walls, particularly when using a dark frame, can exaggerate shadows and make the art appear to be part of the wall. Experiment with different colour combinations to determine which will create your desired effect.

Hanging as a pair

Pair of John Dyer posters of Provence 

Hanging pictures as pairs is a great way to create visual harmony in any space. When two pictures are hung next to each other, it creates the appearance of balance and symmetry. This gives the eye a sense of completion and lets you view both pieces together. Additionally, this kind of arrangement can draw attention to either the similarities or differences between the two pieces of art, creating an exciting contrast. Using this technique also allows larger spaces to be filled with two small pieces instead of one large piece, allowing you to create more impact on a smaller scale.

How do I choose art for above my bed?

Things to consider when hanging wall art above the bed is the height and colour of the headboard and maybe the colour and pattern of your favourite bedding. Maybe consider a single colour throw to tie it all together and not overpower the picture.

Provence posters by John Dyer in comfy bedroom wall 

Posters by Joanne Short hung in a line

It may be worth considering whether the work is framed using acrylic glass, especially if choosing a large size, making the picture less heavy and, therefore, less precarious should it slip off the wall onto the bed.

Choose images from our Gallery

No matter your style or taste, there are countless ways to hang wall art to make a statement. The possibilities are endless, from finding the right balance between light and dark colours to choosing the perfect theme or deciding on a specific type of hanging. With some creativity, you can create a stunning and eye-catching display that perfectly expresses your personality. 

There are many places to search for the perfect art for your bedroom and other interior space, and The John Dyer Gallery online is one of the best places to research your ideal wall art. We have an extensive selection of art poster prints, open edition prints, original paintings and limited edition prints to choose from and our 'find art' search is a great place to start if you are looking for a subject like flowers or a search using terms like cat, dog or agapanthus for example. Just find your perfect art, add to the cart and enjoy free worldwide shipping to your door. You will have the ideal bedroom in just a few clicks and a few days while we get your order ready and out to you.

We have featured our stunning art poster prints in this blog for our room set examples, and you can view these and more in the collection below.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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