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Captivating Flower Art Ideas to Brighten Your Space

  • 10 min read

Floral art prints available at the John Dyer Gallery

Above: A selection of framed open-edition fine art floral prints available to buy online.

What kind of flower art best captures the essence of your living space? From the delicate brush strokes of a vintage blossom to the avant-garde flair of a contemporary arrangement, understanding the spectrum of flower art is essential. This article guides you through selecting and styling different artistic expressions to create an ambiance that flourishes with your personal touch and is easy to buy at our online gallery.

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Key Takeaways

Exploring the Elegance of Floral Prints

Floral print on floral wall 

Above: Joanne Short Fine Art Open Edition Art Print. 'Patchwork Flowers and Pink Sky, Clos du Peyronnet Garden, Menton'

Floral prints, the epitome of elegance, offer a diverse canvas that artists have been drawing inspiration from for centuries. These prints capture the essence of a variety of flowers, ranging from the delicate tulip to the vibrant hydrangea, each piece mirroring the unique charm of the bloom it represents. The versatility of these designs makes them a perfect suit for any artistic endeavour.

Here at The John Dyer Gallery, we offer an exquisite collection of floral prints, featuring works from prominent Cornish artists and catering to diverse preferences. Whether it’s the timeless appeal of vintage style prints and posters by Joanne Short, the modern touch of contemporary and colourful flower paintings by John Dyer, or the precision of unique still life paintings by Ted Dyer, there’s a floral print for every taste and style.

Historic Artists' Open-Edition Prints

Historical print collection of floral art framed prints in a room setting

With regards to vintage prints, our historic artists collection offers:

  • Prints by eminent artists including Monet, Van Gogh, Redon, and Klimt

  • A rich archive of historical gems

  • Prints of the utmost quality, designed to endure for a lifetime

  • Available in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit your space

  • Open edition prints available in a choice of frame colours

This collection is a testament to the enduring beauty of floral art.

What’s more, with complimentary and expedited global shipping, adding a piece of historical elegance to your collection has never been easier.

Contemporary Flower Paintings

Within the sphere of contemporary flower paintings, artists reinterpret the traditional depiction of flowers with novel approaches and innovative techniques. In her stunning landscapes, Cornish artist Joanne Short uses sumptuous arrays of flowers in the foreground, drawing the viewer into the composition.


Above: 'Dinghies on the Beach, Helford Passage', 100x100 cm oil on canvas. Painting by Cornish Artist Joanne Short

Artists like Amber Cowan and Florent Stosskopf are renowned for their modern floral masterpieces that showcase gardens and flowers as recurring themes, adding a touch of modernity to any space.

Botanical Illustrations

Botanical illustrations offer a marriage of science and art, capturing the intricate details of plant species with scientific precision and aesthetic appeal. These illustrations held significant roles in visually documenting plants before the advent of photography, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge about plant species.

Artists employ various techniques to create these pieces, from observing natural seasons to using watercolors to capture the essence of the plant. These illustrations not only offer a unique visual appeal but also invite us to appreciate the beauty of nature’s details.

The Allure of Hand-Painted Flower Art 

Hand-painted floral art offers a distinct charm that sets it apart from other art forms. With its vibrant colours, realistic portrayal of flowers, and delicate lines, it brings the beauty of flowers to life on canvas. Whether it’s still life wonders, oil-painted florals, or acrylic blooms, hand-painted flower art captures the intricate details of each flower, creating a sense of serenity and sophistication in any space.

Art Print Floral Still Life Wonders

Floral still life art is a testament to the timeless allure of flowers. Renowned artists like Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, and Édouard Manet have left their mark in this genre, with works like ‘Still Life With Irises’ by Vincent Van Gogh and Monet’s Water Lilies captivating audiences for generations. These works employ realistic painting techniques, carefully selecting and arranging flowers to evoke emotion and create visual harmony.


Above: 'Roses', Still Life by Vincent Van Gogh. Framed Open Edition Fine Art Print

Oil Painted Florals

Oil painting, with its ability to capture rich and vibrant colours, lends itself beautifully to the art of painting flowers. This technique, which traces its roots back to the Dutch Golden Age, allows artists to capture both bold spring blooms and delicate floral details with precision.


Above: 'Bouquet of Flowers on a Ledge', Still Life by Ambrosius Bosschaert, Framed Open Edition Fine Art Print

From 'Bouquet of Flowers on a Ledge', Still Life by Ambrosius Bosschaert, Framed Open Edition Fine Art Print to 'Sunflowers' by Vincent Van Gogh Open Edition Fine Art Print, prints of oil-painted florals bring life and vibrancy to any wall.

Acrylic Blooms

Acrylic paint, known for its versatility, is a popular choice among artists for creating lifelike flower paintings. With the ability to easily dilute the paint, artists can produce a range of desired effects, capturing the essence of a variety of flowers.


Above: 'A Feast of Flowers, Kew Gardens', 18x24 inches acrylic on canvas. London Garden Painting by British Artist John Dyer

From colour mixing to blending, acrylic paints offer a world of possibilities for artists to bring their floral visions to life.

Floral Art Collections to Fall in Love With

A room set with themed art work 

A floral art collection can bring harmony and continuity to a space, whether it’s a single statement piece, a coordinated set, or a mix-and-match collection. These collections offer a cohesive look, allowing you to curate a space that reflects your personal style and taste.

Single Statement Pieces

A single statement floral art piece can create a visually captivating atmosphere in any room, adding beauty and balance to your surroundings. By focusing on one flower or a simple stem, these pieces make a bold statement, commanding attention and adding sophistication to your space.

From Gustav Klimt’s Sunflower to Henri Matisse’s Flowers, statement pieces have the power to captivate and inspire.


Above: Gustav Klimt Framed Open Edition Art Print. 'Cottage Garden with Sunflowers'

Coordinated Sets

Coordinated floral art sets can create a cohesive and visually appealing look in a space. By utilising the same flower variety or theme across multiple pieces, a statement can be made, enhancing the overall design of your space. Whether it’s a series of prints with complementary colours or wall art coordinated with colourful accents in the decor, these sets can create a balanced and harmonious environment.

Mix-and-Match Collections

Mix-and-match floral art collections offer a unique opportunity to express your individual style. By carefully selecting art pieces with contrasting styles and mediums, you can create a collection that is truly your own. Whether it’s combining different colours to create dynamic arrangements, or blending different styles and patterns, mix-and-match collections allow for endless creative possibilities.

Brighten Up Your Home with Flower Types 

Flowers, in all their diversity, have the power to transform and brighten any space. Whether it’s the romance of roses, the vibrancy of daisies, or the exotic allure of orchids, each flower type brings its own unique charm and symbolism to floral art.

We will examine how these flower types can infuse life and vibrancy into your space.

Roses: Romance and Elegance

Roses, with their timeless appeal and symbolism, have been a popular subject in art for centuries. In floral art, roses symbolize:

  • Romance

  • Love

  • Passion

  • Beauty

This makes them a perfect choice for adding elegance to any space. Whether it’s a painting inspired by ‘Still Life: Vase with Pink Roses’ by Vincent van Gogh or a simple rose-themed décor, rose-themed art can bring a touch of sophistication to your space.


Above: Signed Limited Edition Print by Cornish Artist Joanne Short. 'Cottage Garden, Mousehole'.

Lively Daisies

Daisies, with their fresh and vibrant appearance, can bring a sense of joy and energy to a room. In floral art, daisies are often depicted in vibrant colours, their lively patterns adding a cheerful touch to any space.

An original piece of wall art displayed above a mantel or a print of a vase of daisies adding warmth to a room, daisy-themed art can brighten up your wall.

Above: 'Sunny Seaside flowers, St Ives’. 24x24 inches oil on canvas. Garden Painting of Cornwall by Cornish Artist Joanne Short from our Cornwall Art Gallery

Sunny Sunflowers

Sunflowers, known and loved for their unique beauty and captivating charm, offer a touch of joy and fun in floral art. With their unique shapes and vibrant colours, sunflowers add a splash of colour to any wall.

Whether it’s a painting capturing the intricate details of a field of sunflowers or a floral arrangement featuring these exotic blooms, sunflower-themed art can transform your space into a sunny paradise.


Above: 'Sweeping Hillside of Sunflowers, Holywell Bay Sunset', 12x12 inches oil on canvas. Painting by Cornish Artist Joanne Short 

Paradise in Bloom: Tropical and Exotic Flowers

Tropical and exotic flower art offers an escape to paradise, bringing the lushness of the tropics right into your home. With themes like jungle fever, island escape, and rare beauties, these art pieces capture the vibrant colours, unique textures, and diverse flora of tropical landscapes.


Above: John Dyer Painting. 'Jungle Bananas, Costa Rica', available to buy at our online gallery

Jungle Fever

Jungle fever art captures the lushness and vibrancy of the jungle, bringing the exotic beauty of the tropics to your space. With its dense foliage and vivid colors, jungle fever art creates a visually dynamic atmosphere that is sure to captivate.

Whether it’s a collage-style print showcasing botanical palm leaves or a tropical wallpaper design, jungle fever art can transform any space into a tropical paradise.


Above: 'Colourful Kenya', 12x12 inches oil on canvas by British Artist Joanne Short, available to buy at our online gallery

Island Escape

Island escape art transports you to serene island getaways, featuring tranquil beach scenes and exotic flowers. Using calming hues and serene landscapes, island escape art evokes a sense of peace and tranquility that is characteristic of island life.

From picturesque houses to verdant trees, the tranquil scenes captured in island escape art create a peaceful ambiance, perfect for a relaxing escape. Artist John Dyer captures the beauty of island life in his glorious paintings of Tresco, an island famous for its exotic plants and flowers.


Above: Limited Edition Print by Cornish Artist John Dyer. 'Island Life, Tresco'

Rare Beauties

Rare beauties in floral art are those unique and unusual flowers that are not commonly seen in everyday life. These rare flowers, with their varied colourations and formations, present a captivating subject for artists, offering a glimpse into the unique roles these flowers play in nature.

From the intricate patterns of the Anthurium Plant to the impressive presence of the Heliconia, these rare beauties bring a touch of the exotic to any collection of floral art.

Choosing the Right Size and Format for Your Floral Art

 Room set showing work by John Dyer and Joanne Short

Above: Original Painting by John Dyer. Rare - Spiritual rebirth. Amazon Rainforest Spirit Painting inspired by the Yawanawá Tribe in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. Buy Online.

Choosing the right size and format for your floral art can significantly enhance its visual impact and harmonize it with your space. Whether it’s a small piece to accentuate a corner or a large canvas to make a statement, the right size and format can make all the difference.

We will examine how to choose the appropriate size, consider format varieties, and determine the ideal placement for your floral art.

Sizing Guide

Choosing the right size for your floral art is crucial in making sure it fits perfectly in your space. The size of the room, the scale of the furniture, and the height of the ceiling should all be taken into account.

A larger piece can serve as a focal point while smaller pieces can provide delicate accents to enrich the room’s depth and visual appeal.

Format Varieties

Floral art comes in an array of formats, including:

Whether you prefer the traditional look of a framed print, the modern appeal of a canvas, or the convenience of a poster bought online, the right format can enhance the beauty of your floral art.

Placement Tips

The placement of your floral art can significantly enhance its visual impact. From the selection of the optimal location to the use of colour to create visual interest, the strategic placement of your floral art can create a harmonious balance in your space.

Whether it’s a single statement piece hung on a prominent wall or a series of coordinated prints arranged to create a cohesive look, the right placement can make your mounted floral art truly stand out.

How to Place Orders for Custom Floral Art

Ordering custom floral art allows you to own a piece that truly reflects your unique taste and style. From commissioning an artist to create a personalised piece to understanding the details of your order and delivery, let’s navigate the process of adding a custom floral art piece to your collection.

Commissioning Artists

Commissioning an artist for a custom floral art piece is a rewarding experience. It involves:

  • Researching our gallery artists

  • Reaching out to the artist whose style resonates with your vision

  • Negotiating project specifics - size, price, location

  • Maintaining an open line of communication throughout the process.

This process allows for feedback and potential revisions, ensuring the final piece aligns with your artistic vision.


In summary, floral art, with its diverse forms and styles, offers a unique way to bring life, vibrancy, and elegance into any space. Whether it’s a vintage style print, a contemporary painting, or a custom piece, the right floral art can transform your space and reflect your personal style. So, let the beauty of flowers inspire you, brighten your space, and transport you to a colourful world of elegance and creativity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of floral art prints?

Floral art prints come in a variety of styles, from vintage blossoms and contemporary paintings to botanical illustrations, each offering a unique interpretation of floral beauty.

How does hand-painted floral art differ from floral art prints?

Hand-painted floral art is distinguished by its textured and vibrant appearance, capturing the essence of flowers through uneven brush strokes, unlike floral art prints.

How can I choose the right size and format for my floral art?

To choose the right size and format for your floral art, consider the size of the room, scale of the furniture, and height of the ceiling. Use a sizing guide to find the perfect piece for your space.

How can I commission an artist for a custom floral art piece?

To commission an artist for a custom floral art piece, research various artists whose styles align with your vision, reach out to your chosen artist, negotiate project details, and maintain clear communication throughout the process. Good luck with your commission!

What should I consider when placing an order for custom floral art?

When ordering custom floral art, be sure to provide accurate delivery details, understand the processing time, and familiarise yourself with the delivery process for a smooth experience.

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