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Best iPhone Cases for Protection Featuring Contemporary Art

  • 2 min read

Best iPhone Cases for Protection Featuring Contemporary Art

Protective and Tough Art iPhone cases are a fantastic way to look after and decorate your iPhone in style. If you are one of the 700 million Apple iPhone users in the world you will know just how much you depend on and love using your Apple device.

There are many thousands of protective iPhone cases and covers available online, but how do you get a great protective case and stand out from the crowd with a splash of style, contemporary art and colour?

The John Dyer Gallery have a fantastic and unique range of art protective iPhone cases available for all the current models of iPhone including iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 and previous models of iPhone including the iPhone 11, iPhone SE, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X and the iPhone 8 series. The new iPhone 13 will also be available soon.

Why are these Art iPhone protective cases so good?

The Art iPhone cases all feature the contemporary art and paintings of famous British artist John Dyer and Joanne Short. This husband and wife team of artists have been painting in Cornwall, France and around the world for over thirty years and are considered two of the UK's best known and most accomplished contemporary painters. The large original paintings from John Dyer and Joanne Short sell for thousands of pounds, so to be able to have a piece of their unique colourful, optimistic and life enhancing work in your hand everyday is a fabulous way to enjoy their art and the iPhone cases can literally brighten your day every time you pick up your iPhone.

Quality Snap or Tough Cases

The Art iPhone cases come in two styles - 'Snap' or 'Tough'. The Snap cases offer a super slim and light iPhone case that offers lightweight protection from scratches and wraps your iPhone in contemporary art. The more protective Tough cases are the best to really protect your iPhone. We have used Tough cases on our own iPhones for years. The Tough cases are sightly chunkier, but still offer a sleek and tightly fitted case that is very comfortable to hold in the hand. The Tough cases have smooth curved edges, perfectly aligned cutouts for the charging port and speakers and protect the volume and sleep/wake buttons under the silicon.

How does the Tough case offer the protection?

The Tough case has a 2 piece design with the outer case, that has the wonderful artwork printed on it, using aircraft grade thermoplastic polycarbonate material (used by Airbus & Boeing). The inner part of the Tough case is a flexible, protective, silicone inner that helps to absorb impacts by offering shock absorption from knocks. The edge of the Tough case is slightly higher than the iPhone screen so it offers some protection if placing the iPhone face down on a desk. We also add tempered glass screen protectors to our own iPhones to increase protection.

Our Best Selling Art iPhone Cases

View the full range of Protective Art iPhone Cases or choose from our selection of best selling Art iPhone Cases below

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