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Top Artwork Stores: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Beautiful and Original Art Pieces at

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Cornish artist Joanne Short hanging an exhibition of new paintings in St Ives at the St Ives Society of Artists

Above: Artist Joanne Short pictured hanging an exhibition of original paintings in St Ives at the John Dyer Gallery St Ives Society of Artists Crypt Gallery exhibition.

Deciding which artwork to buy and where to shop can take time and effort. Artwork stores are your gateway to an eclectic mix of pieces for all tastes and budgets. This guide details the best artwork stores, such, ensuring you quickly find and purchaseart, whether online or in a physical gallery.

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Key Takeaways

  • offerscurated art pieces at various prices, styles, and mediums, making original, vibrant contemporary paintings and prints accessible to multiple tastes and budgets.

  • With features like free worldwide delivery and an array of curated collections, art galleries like John Dyer Gallery provide a user-friendly platform, allowing collectors to easily browse and acquire art per their personal preferences and financial goals.

  • Art collecting is made more diverse and personalised throughlimited edition prints, commissioned artwork, an email Art Collectors Club, and staying informed via art exhibitions and newsletters, fostering a comprehensive and engaging art buying experience.

Explore the World of Artwork Stores & Galleries

Artwork Stores like John Dyer Gallery holding pop up Art exhibitions
Above: A selection of original John Dyer paintings exhibited in St Ives

The allure of art is universal, and the quest to find the perfect piece can lead you through a labyrinth of styles, periods, and mediums. The art world unfolds before you at artwork stores and galleries, offering original artwork, prints, and unique artist-designed gifts. Whether you are drawn to the vibrant energy of a contemporary painting or the classic elegance of avintage print, stores and galleries present a curated selection that appeals to a spectrum of tastes. With original paintings starting at an accessible £650, the dream of owning a piece of art history is no longer a distant dream, but a tangible reality, making it the perfect place to buy art.

Online exploration of galleries such as John Dyer Gallery has become straightforward thanks to the user-friendly interface and extensive range of items. Each item is a selected treasure ready to add character to your home, from wall art toart mugs. And with the added benefit of free worldwide delivery, your next art discovery is just a few clicks away, no matter where you are in the world.

Navigating Online Art Galleries

Categories and Styles of Art

The adventure of art collecting begins with a crucial first step - identifying your personal goals. Whether you aim to surround yourself with beauty or secure a future investment, understanding your motivations is vital to building a meaningful art collection. Immerse yourself in the vast art world; learning about different art forms, artists, and the stories behind each piece enriches your collecting experience and informs your choices.

When it comes to growing your art collection, setting a budget is as important as curating your taste. Online galleries afford you the transparency of pricing and the breadth of selection, ensuring you find works that resonate with your aesthetic and financial goals. With platforms such as John Dyer Gallery, you can explore and purchaseaffordable art that spans from the naïve to the figurative, from the colourist works ofJoanne Short to pieces from the world's most famous artists, all within a budget that works for you.

Curated Collections for Every Taste

Artwork stores thrive on their curated collections, which display handpicked artists and follow specific themes for a comprehensive and appealing narrative. Galleries like John Dyer Gallery foster partnerships with artists to bring you solo and group showcases, ensuring an array of choices that resonate with diverse preferences. Whether you seek the classic touch of a Pablo Picasso print from MoMA Design Store or explore historical art to create your own national gallery at home from The John Dyer Gallery Historical print selection, there's a curated collection for you.

Original Paintings for Discerning Collectors

Artwork stores to buy original paintings - John Dyer Gallery
Above: Original paintings by artist Joanne Short displayed in a contemporary room setting.

In the world of art collecting, original paintings claim a unique spot. As collection centrepieces, they provoke discussions and infuse any room with a unique energy. Artwork stores like The John Dyer Gallery understand the impact of these original works, offering a platform where established and emerging artists converge, providing collectors with a rich repository of originality.

Auction houses such as Christie's allow you to own a piece of history by selling paintings from the students of renowned masters, and for those seeking the next big name in art, platforms like Uprise Art focus on sourcing pieces from emerging artists, bridging the gap between new talent and discerning collectors.

Limited Edition Prints: Affordable and Exclusive

Artwork Stores: Limited Edition Prints available from
Above: A selection of signed limited edition prints available from artists at

In the vast realm of original art, limited edition prints present a cost-effective yet exclusive alternative. Their exclusive nature means that their value can appreciate over time, mainly as editions sell out and no further signed prints are created, making them a brilliant addition to any collection.

At The John Dyer Gallery, the popularity of limited-edition prints is undeniable. Each print is a snapshot of creativity, a piece of the artist's vision, preserved and made available for those who seek both affordability and exclusivity in their art acquisitions. Our gallery features signed prints by Cornwall's leading contemporary painters. Other galleries also feature limited prints by photographers.

Commissioned Artwork for a Personal Touch

Adding commissioned artwork to your collection introduces a personal touch unparalleled by ready-made pieces. It is a conversation, a collaboration between collector and artist, culminating in a piece that perfectly fits the intended space and aesthetic. Whether a painting, sculpture, or installation, the commissioned piece reflects various possibilities tailored to your vision.

The commissioning process involves clear communication, a set of parameters, and a mutual understanding of the artistic vision. While online commissions are convenient, engaging personally with the artist can lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful creation. Factors such as the artist's reputation, materials used, and the time invested in the artwork will influence the cost, but a balanced approach ensures a fair outcome for both parties.

Join the Art Collectors Club

Membership in an art collectors clubtranscends the mere acquisition of new pieces; it's about integration into a narrative, a community with a shared passion for art. Collectors clubs like those offered by Saatchi Art connect you with a world of emerging artists and fellow enthusiasts, fostering a sense of belonging and shared discovery. Engaging with initiatives such as can enrich your understanding of the craft, adding depth and narrative to the artworks you choose to bring into your life.

Email newsletters are a window into the art world, offering a glimpse of the latest events and artist stories. By joining a mailing list, such as that of the John Dyer Gallery, you ensure that you stay informed and engaged, never missing a beat in the ever-evolving landscape of art.

Art Events You Won't Want to Miss

Above: Art collectors viewing paintings in St Ives at a John Dyer Gallery exhibition.

Art events, fairs, and exhibition openings are imbued with a tangible sense of magic. These gatherings celebrate creativity, offering chances to discover and connect with artists, gain insights into emerging trends, and find the next masterpiece for your collection.

John Dyer Gallery's online exhibitions allow you to enjoy this vibrant community from anywhere worldwide, ensuring you're always part of the art conversation.

Invest with Confidence: Understanding Art Prices

Yourart investment approach should be guided by confidence and comprehension of the subtle elements influencing art pricing. Market context, artist experience, and past sales records play crucial roles in determining the value of artwork. By conducting thorough research and setting realistic expectations, you can confidently navigate the art market and make informed investment decisions.

Art platforms like Artsy are invaluable resources. They offer insights into artist pricing and connect buyers with a network of galleries and dealers. Such transparency fosters credibility among collectors and ensures you can invest confidently, knowing you are making a well-informed choice.

Art for Everyone: Inclusive Artwork Stores

The vibrancy of the art world peaks when it embraces inclusivity, mirroring the diversity of our worldwide community. Artwork stores like Bankside Gallery exemplify this ethos, promoting accessibility and representation by supporting diverse artistic communities and welcoming all visitors. By fostering such environments, these galleries ensure that art truly is for everyone, a universal language that speaks to the heart of every observer.

The inclusivity extends beyond the physical space, with artwork stores offering a range of pieces that cater to a broad audience. Whether it's a print from a renowned artist or a unique gift from the Royal Watercolour Society, these galleries ensure that the joy of art can be experienced by all who seek it.

The Joy of Giving: Art as a Thoughtful Gift

Buy artist designed gifts online from artwork stores like
Above: A selection of the artist designed gifts available on including Art Mugs, Notebooks, T-Shirts, Bags and Cushions.

Gifting art embodies a deep connection, a tribute that reflects the recipient's taste and personality. When selecting an artwork as a gift, consider the recipient's passions, favourite artists, and the environment where the piece will reside. Such a gift becomes more than a decorative element; it's a daily source of inspiration and a reflection of shared memories.

John Dyer Gallery understands this emotional significance and offers a range of art-inspired gifts for various occasions. From beautifully crafted tableware to art books and prints, these gifts are thoughtfully selected to bring joy and beauty into the lives of those we cherish. The art of gifting is about more than the item itself; it's about the story it tells and the dreams it inspires.

Stay Updated: Sign Up for Art News

Keeping abreast of developments is essential in the ever-evolving realm of art. By signing up for art news and newsletters, you keep your finger on the pulse of the latest exhibitions, artist releases, and creative events. Subscribing to newsletters like that of John Dyer Gallery ensures you get all the newest art on the scene and the stories behind them.

These direct and personal connections with galleries through email updates are a lifeline for art enthusiasts. Art galleries leverage these tools to keep you informed and build a community around their artists and offerings, fostering loyalty and repeated visits. With gifts that capture the essence of Cornish art, the gallery's newsletter is a gateway to unique treasures from artists like John Dyer, Joanne Short, and Ted Dyer.


We've journeyed through the rich tapestry of the art world, from the allure of original paintings and the accessibility of limited edition prints to the personal touch of commissioned works. We've explored the importance of staying connected through collectors clubs and art news, the joy of art as a thoughtful gift, and the inclusive nature of artwork stores. As we conclude, remember that art is an ever-present dialogue between the creator and the beholder, a dialogue that you are now well-equipped to join with enthusiasm and knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right piece of art for my collection?

To choose the right piece of art for your collection, consider your goals, learn about different art forms and artists, and set a budget that aligns with your collection's growth. Online galleries like John Dyer Gallery offer curated selections tailored to your tastes and budget.

What makes limited edition prints valuable?

Limited-edition prints are valuable because of their exclusivity. Once the edition is sold out, no more copies are produced, potentially increasing their worth over time. They offer an affordable way to own a piece of art that is also exclusive.

Can I commission artwork online?

Yes, you cancommission artwork online, which offers convenience and customisation for your space and style.

How do I stay updated on new art releases and events?

Sign up for newsletters from galleries like John Dyer Gallery to stay updated on new art releases and events. Email updates will keep you connected with the art community and provide information on the latest artists, exhibitions, and events.

Are there inclusive artwork stores that cater to diverse audiences?

Yes, galleries like Bankside Gallery promote diversity and accessibility, supporting artists from various communities and ensuring everyone can enjoy art. This can help individuals find inclusive artwork stores to cater to diverse audiences.

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