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Gallery Spotlight: Padstow, Cornwall and the Paintings of John Dyer and Joanne Short

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Gallery Spotlight: Padstow, Cornwall and the Paintings of John Dyer and Joanne Short

Above: Wildflowers growing on the headland at Padstow and the view back across the Camel Estuary to Rock.

Padstow is a small town in North Cornwall that has a rich history and culture. Our online gallery, showcasing the paintings and prints of local artists John Dyer and Joanne Short, offers a lovely selection of images of Padstow and the surrounding area.

Signed limited edition print by artist John Dyer, 'Padstow Paradise'

The John Dyer Gallery features works by both John Dyer and Joanne Short. Their paintings depict the beauty of Padstow and they are must-see pieces for anyone who loves Padstow and wants a piece of wall art to remind them of their holiday.

The Harbour

The harbour is unquestionably the town's most prominent feature; all roads lead down to it and it attracts people like a magnet. 

Fishing and pleasure boats can be seen rocking on their moorings while youngsters fish for crabs from the harbour wall. The quayside inns and restaurants provide stunning views of the tranquil water. 

There is always plenty going on around the harbour. At times a local artist may be found, with an easel, doing a traditional watercolour on the quay, or a fisherman sorting out his nets on board his fishing boat.

Original oil painting by Joanne Short, 'Estuary View, Padstow'

There are seats all around the port, and since there's always something happening, and it's such a peaceful and fascinating location, it's a favourite hangout for both locals and tourists. It is the perfect spot to sit and eat a Cornish ice cream!

The Town

Padstow has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, owing to its convenient location and activities on offer.

The vibrant town is an interesting mix of fisherman's cottages and merchant's homes centered around the picturesque harbour.

John Dyer is one of Cornwall best know acrylic artists. His lively images sum up the fun and joy of the busy town of Padstow.

Seafood Salad Padstow - Art print by John Dyer

Above: 'Seafood Salad, padstow' by John Dyer. Available as an open edition fie art print framed or unframed.

Padstow, which was originally founded as a fishing and trading port, has established itself as one of Cornwall's most popular holiday destinations, alongside the harbour town of St Ives, situated further down on the north coast. Although St Ives is bigger, Padstow offers a similar 'day out' experience.

Artists John Dyer and Joanne Short eating chips at Padstow, Cornwall

Artists John Dyer and Joanne Sort eating chips at Padstow

While fishing and trade have diminished over time, visitors are still offered fishing trips from the harbour - what better way to see the rugged cornish coast than from on board a small boat out at sea.

Vintage style art poster of Padstow Harbour by artist Joanne Short

The town is a delightful mix of old fishermen's cottages, many of which are now a constantly changing selection of small shops, cafes, and contemporary art galleries selling jewellery, glass, fine art, ceramics and gifts.

On North and South Quay, art and craft shops are abundant, and Middle street, which runs parallel to the harbour, is full of a delightful mix of shops and cafes.

The Camel Trail

This is without a doubt Cornwall's most famous biking trail. There are no tough climbs along the 17-mile route, following the old North Cornwall Railway's path which is completely flat.

The adventure begins in Padstow and continues to Wadebridge. The route then passes through Bodmin and ends in Blisland on Bodmin Moor.

Photograph of artists John Dyer and Joanne Short on The Camel Trail with their bikes, PadstowArtists Joanne Short and John Dyer on The Camel Trail, Padstow, Cornwall, on their bikes

Following alongside the banks of the River Camel the scenery is stunning and there is plenty of wildlife to spot too.

The trail is surrounded by Cornish wildflowers and there is a special kind of light reflecting off of the sand.

"Many a time we have headed to Padstow from Wadebridge on our bikes, with our family and it's never a disappointment."

Vintage style art poster by artist Joanne Short, of The Camel Estuary

In this, one of her most popular images, Joanne captures the beauty and tranquility of the estuary with the tide out.

Rock and Daymer Bay

On the other side of the estuary is the very popular holiday destination of Rock. Many people holiday here because of the stunning beaches and access to watersports on the estuary.

Limited edition print by John Dyer, 'Hot Summer Fun at Rock'

The John Dyer Gallery

The John Dyer Gallery is an online gallery showcasing some of the best artwork in Cornwall offering contemporary paintings, limited and open edition prints and poster prints by artists John Dyer, Joanne Short and Ted Dyer.

Padstow and Rock Art Mugs

Joanne Short Cornish Art Mug featuring Padstow Harbour, Padstow, and Rock

Out of any of the Padstow galleries, The John Dyer online gallery is by far the easiest way to choose a painting or print of your choice, simply because it can be done from the comfort of your own home. We hope you enjoy exploring the stunning artwork of Padstow on display at our online gallery. 

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