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Art for Hotels and Restaurants: How to Create an Atmosphere and Ambience

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Hospitality art for Hotels and restaurants from the John Dyer Gallery

When you walk into a hotel or restaurant, the first thing you notice is usually the art. Art can be used to create an atmosphere and ambience in a space, and it's an important part of hospitality design. In this blog post, we will discuss how to buy art for hotels and restaurants, and we'll provide some tips on how to choose pieces that will create the right vibe for your business.

When it comes to art for hotels and restaurants, there are a few things to consider.

Wall Art for Atmosphere

Above: Original John Dyer painting in a hotel bedroom setting

Contemporary art can be used to set the mood and create an ambience in your establishment. It can also be used to showcase the style of your hotel or restaurant.

Art Gallery Style

The second thing to consider is what type of artwork will work best for your space. There are many different types of art that can be used in hospitality settings. Original art, contemporary African art, contemporary works, original artworks in a particular colour palette, art from established artists, artwork that makes a style statement, sculpture, and even artist designed furniture could all be considered.

What is hospitality art?

Hospitality art is a term that describes the paintings, sculptures, and other works of art that are on display in hotels, restaurants, and cafes. The purpose of hospitality art is to create an inviting and pleasant atmosphere for guests. It is often chosen for its ability to evoke a certain mood or emotions, such as happiness or relaxation. Hospitality art is usually produced by local artists and is often specific to the location where it is displayed. For example, a hotel in the Caribbean might feature tropical scenes, while a restaurant in New York City might display cityscape paintings. Whether colorful or subdued, abstract or realistic, hospitality art plays an important role in creating a welcoming environment for guests.

Above: John Dyer jungle rainforest painting in a hospitality bathroom setting

Why is hospitality art important?

In the hospitality industry, art plays an important role in creating a feeling of luxury and refinement. A well-chosen piece of art can add sophistication to a hotel lobby or guest room, making guests feel more welcome and comfortable. Art can also be used to convey a sense of the local culture and history, providing guests with a richer experience of their surroundings. Furthermore, art can help to create a unique identity for a hotel, making it more memorable and distinct from other hotels in the area. In recent years, many hotels have been investing more in art, and as a result, the standard of hospitality has risen greatly. With the right art selection, a hotel can truly set itself apart from the competition.

Do hotels buy art?

Hotels, restaurants, and cafes are all places where people go to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. One way that these businesses can create an inviting and luxurious atmosphere is by investing in art. While some hotels may choose to display only pieces that are related to their location or theme, others may simply buy art that they find aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of their approach, hotels that invest in art often find that it enhances the overall experience for their guests. Not only does it add visual interest to the space, but it can also help to create a sense of sophistication and refinement. In short, buying art is one way that hotels can show their commitment to providing an enjoyable and memorable experience for their guests and many become renowned art hotels.

Why is the display of art in hotels so significant?

Hotels, restaurants, and cafes use art to enhance the customer experience and convey a sense of luxury. In a hotel, art can be used to set the tone of the entire property. A collection of modern abstract paintings may give off a more contemporary vibe, while a series of old masters might evoke a more traditional feeling. Whatever the style, hotels use art to create an atmosphere that is both inviting and stylish. Beyond creating ambiance, hotels also use art to make a statement about their brand. A collection of pieces by local artists can showcase the hotel's commitment to supporting the community, while an exhibition of works by up-and-coming artists can convey a sense of forward-thinking innovation. In today's competitive market, hotels must use all of the tools at their disposal to stand out from the competition, and art is a powerful way to do just that. A hotel can even consider its walls as gallery walls and curate exhibitions for its clients and guests telling a unique story through the artwork each time a customer returns and keeping the atmosphere fresh and exciting.

Why is art important in hospitality?

Art is often seen as a luxury, something that is only important in high-end hotels or restaurants. However, even the simplest forms of art can have a profound impact on the hospitality industry. In hotels, art can create a sense of luxury and sophistication. In restaurants, it can set the mood and help to create an inviting atmosphere. And in cafes, it can help to create a relaxed and comfortable space. No matter what type of business you are in, art can play an important role in creating the perfect guest experience.

Boutique Hotels

Example bedroom at the Windsor Hotel in Nice, France

Above: One of the unique artist decorated bedrooms at the Hotel Windsor in Nice

Boutique hotels are often known for their unique atmosphere and design. A major part of creating this atmosphere is through the use of art. Art can help to set the tone of a space and guest rooms and create a mood that guests will remember long after they've left. It can also be used to add intrigue and interest to an otherwise simple room. In a boutique hotel, art is more than just a decoration - it's an essential interior designer element that helps to create an unforgettable experience for guests. There are many boutique hotels using art effectively in London, Cornwall, Mexico, Paris the Côte d'Azur and many other locations around the world that are truly inspiring, and some hotels issue paid commissions to artists to create murals on bedroom walls like the Windsor Hotel in Nice, France. The arts can be the key to making one hotel far more memorable and enjoyable than competitors.

Art for restaurants

Cornish art for restaurants is a great way to add a touch of class to your establishment. There are many talented Cornish artists who specialize in creating paintings and other works of art that can be used to decorate restaurants. The Cornish landscape provides a beautiful backdrop for these works of art, and the artists themselves often have a deep connection to the region. As a result, their work can help to create a Cornish atmosphere in your restaurant that your customers will love. In addition, Cornish art is also a great way to support local artists and the Cornish economy. So if you're looking for a way to add some elegance to your restaurant, consider investing in Cornish art.

Is art tax deductible?

When it comes to tax deductions for art purchases, the answer is not always simple. Generally speaking, art is only tax deductible if it is purchased for a business purpose. For example, if a hotel purchases a painting to hang in the lobby, that purchase would be tax deductible since it is considered a business expense. However, if an individual were to purchase a painting for their personal home, they would not be able to deduct that expense from their taxes. The same principle applies to restaurants and cafes. If the art is purchased for use in the business, for example, to hang on the walls for the public to see, then it is probably tax-deductible. However, if the art is purchased for personal use by the owner of the restaurant it is not.

In the UK if the art is specifically chosen and purchased for the creation of atmosphere or ambiance then you are effectively selling that ambiance to your customers, so the art is tax deductible.

So a painting purchased for an accountant's office space is not tax-deductible as ambiance is not required to carry out that role, but one purchased to create ambiance in a hotel or hospitality venue is an allowable business expense. You can read more about art, decorative assets and tax on the HMRC website.

Buying wall art for your hospitality venue

Cornish artists have a lot to offer when it comes to buying contemporary art for your hospitality venue, art for restaurants and hotels. Their work is original and of the highest quality, making it a wise investment that will add value to your business. Cornish artists also have a unique perspective, which is reflected in their work. This can be a great asset when trying to create a certain atmosphere in your venue. When considering Cornish artists for your business, take the time to look at their particular style and see if their fine art would be a good fit for your needs. You can be inspired by the artworks of our gallery artists John Dyer, Ted Dyer and Joanne Short and view art by all the artists on our gallery website.

At The John Dyer Gallery, we are happy to create a curated collection and suggest art for your exhibition space or project and help you to choose art that will have a lasting impact so that people feel your venue is the very best. Your new art collection can be a huge asset to your business and you can start with prints or a few key original artworks.

John Dyer painting in the Watch House rental property on Tresco

The Tresco Estate on the island of Tresco have a large collection of paintings by John Dyer they use to establish atmosphere in their holiday cottages and venues.

The Royal Duchy Hotel in Falmouth, Cornwall has a number of Ted Dyer paintings to create a relaxed atmosphere in their main reception space.

Above: Ted Dyer fine art print that has been used to great effect in the Duchy Hospital, Ramsey Health Care in Truro

Adding art to your hotel or restaurant can be a great way to create an atmosphere and ambience that your customers will love. By investing in Cornish art, you can support local artists while also adding elegance and sophistication to your business. Art can also be a tax-deductible expense, so it's a wise investment for your hospitality venue. At the John Dyer Gallery we are experts at providing art for all types of businesses, so do get in touch if you have a hospitality art project you would like to discuss.

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