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Buy Art for Christmas - Perfect Presents and Art Gifts

  • 8 min read

Art for Christmas - art prints and original paintings in a Christmas room setting - John Dyer Gallery

Above:  John Dyer open-edition fine art print of the Mousehole Harbour Christmas Lights, John Dyer original painting of Castle Beach, Falmouth and on the right Joanne Short original painting of Polly Joke Beach.

Ah, Christmas! It is the time of year when everyone is hustling and bustling, searching for that perfect gift. But have you ever considered gifting the joy of art for Christmas? Christmas art not only makes for a unique and memorable present but also supports talented artists. So, why not spread some holiday cheer and support our Cornish artists this Yuletide?

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through some unique art gift ideas, from limited edition prints to artist-designed mugs and calendars, all perfect as art for Christmas presents. You’ll also learn about the fantastic Cornish artists behind these artworks. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of art as a perfect present for Christmas.

Artistic Gifts: Key Takeaways

  • Bring art to your Christmas list this year for unique gifts and festive cheer.

  • Buy superb limited-edition prints, open-edition wall art prints, artist-designed mugs & more.

  • Support Cornish artists John Dyer, Ted Dyer and Joanne Short by purchasing their unique and collectable art for the perfect art gifts.

Add Art to Your Christmas Buying List

Original paintings by Joanne Short and John Dyer displayed on a wall next to a Christmas Tree with presents.

Above: Original paintings by Joanne Short and John Dyer displayed on a wall next to a Christmas Tree with presents. Buy original paintings online for Christmas.

You might be thinking, “Why art for Christmas?” Art is the gift that keeps on giving. It adds a touch of sophistication to any home, making it feel warmer and more welcoming. Plus, it’s a fantastic conversation starter at those family gatherings and paintings and prints can last for generations to come. Therefore, consider incorporating Christmas art into your shopping list this year.

From winter-themed limited edition prints to festive wall art open-edition prints and Christmas poster prints, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to add some holiday-inspired art to your own home or to find the perfect gift for the art enthusiast in your life, we’ve got you covered.

John Dyer Framed Open Edition Cornish Art Print. 'Christmas Lights, Mousehole'

Above: John Dyer Framed Open Edition Cornish Art Print. 'Christmas Lights, Mousehole'

Winter Themed Limited Edition Prints

Picture this: a snowflake gently falls onto your window, creating a mesmerising pattern. Now, imagine capturing that unique beauty and its intricate details in a winter-themed limited edition printed artwork. These prints are like snowflakes - each one made unique by being signed and numbered by the artist. It’s the perfect way to bring some winter magic into your home.

Above: Signed Limited Edition Print by Cornish Artist John Dyer. 'Snowy St Ives'

When framing and glazing your signed print, the options are nearly as vast as the forms of snowflakes! From sleek aluminium or wooden frames to acrylic glazing or museum glass that protects your artwork, you can customise the look of your print to suit your style and taste. Just talk to your local framer to explore all the options and availability.

Festive Wall Art Open-Edition Prints

Suppose limited edition prints are the crème de la crème. In that case, open-edition prints are more budget-friendly but still offer stunning Christmas art options and are available framed and ready to hang in a much wider variety of sizes. They are all museum-quality and can last 100+ years.

Above: John Dyer Fine Art Print. Open Edition Cornish Art Print. 'Christmas Magic, St Ives'

The John Dyer Gallery offers a range of open-edition fine art prints featuring works by Cornwall's best-known contemporary artist, John Dyer, the talented Cornish impressionist oil painter Ted Dyer, and the incredible colourist painter Joanne Short.

Christmas and Festive Art Poster Prints

Looking for something a bit more versatile and affordable? Christmas and festive art poster prints offer various themes and locations. From beach house coastal prints of Cornwall to winter landscapes and kitchen-themed posters, there’s something to suit every taste and style.

Above: Vintage Style Travel Art Poster Print by Joanne Short of The British Museum, London at Christmas

Not only do these prints make for fantastic decorations for your interiors, but they also help improve well-being and reduce stress by allowing you to escape into a world of beauty and calm. Browse the extensive collection of Christmas, City, French, London, Paris, New York, Rainforest, and Cornwall-inspired art poster prints online.

Artist-Designed Christmas Gifts - Share the Love of Art with Others

Posters with dark skies
Above: Explore our unique collection of wall art prints - they make the perfect presents for Christmas and have free worldwide delivery.

Gifting art doesn’t stop at prints and wall art posters. You can also share the love of art with others through artist-designed Christmas gifts like:

Above: Tough Art Phone Case. Cornish Seagulls - Blue Colour. Artist John Dyer

These exclusive artist-designed items offer a unique way to show your appreciation for their work, and they all make excellent Christmas gifts. Make sure to checkout in plenty of time for Christmas delivery.

Art Mugs

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like sipping hot chocolate or mulled wine from an art mug designed by a Cornish artist.

Above:  London Ceramic Art Mug Bundle Set by Joanne Short

Created by Cornish artists John Dyer and Joanne Short, these art mugs can be supplied to your doorstep anywhere in the world. And, with free delivery worldwide, there’s no reason not to bring a little artistic flair to the morning coffee of all your friends and family on your Christmas list.

Art Calendars

Imagine waking up every day to a new, inspiring painting. With art calendars, you can do just that! These calendars feature beautiful artwork for every month of the year, allowing you to experience the magic of art all year round.

Above: Calendar 2024. Cornwall Art Calendar by Cornish Artist John Dyer

Selecting the perfect art calendar as a Christmas gift can be a daunting task. Consider the following factors when making your choice:

  • Personal taste

  • Artist or motif

  • Dimensions

  • Format

  • Quality

Naturally, consider the recipient’s preferences. The goal is to delight, not disappoint, by choosing the right sort of gift. We have two art calendars that make wonderful Christmas gifts for anyone who loves Cornwall and art.

Above: Cornwall Art Calendar by Artists John Dyer & Joanne Short 

Why not wear your art on your sleeve? Or, in this case, on your T-shirt, iPhone case, or even an art card. Art-inspired T-shirts, iPhone cases, and cards make for fantastic gifts, allowing the art lovers in your life to showcase their passion wherever they go. With iPhone and smartphone cases featuring paintings by John Dyer, Joanne Short, Ted Dyer, and many historic artists like Van Gogh, Monet and Klimt, our affordable and high-quality range will inspire you.

Whether searching for a colourful art T-shirt or a unique iPhone case, you’ll find the ideal Christmas gift for any art lover.

Support Cornish Artists This Christmas

Above: John Dyer Unisex Seaside Art Cornwall T-Shirt. 'Full Moon Lovers, Godrevy Lighthouse'

By purchasing artwork online from, you’ll not only spread festive joy but also support our artists and their work.

Artists Joanne Short and John Dyer have caught the eye of many impressive people and organisations, including:

  • Heritage Lottery Fund

  • Falmouth Art Gallery

  • National Trust

  • Eden Project

  • Save the Children

  • Kim Wilde

  • Tresco Estate

  • Alan Titchmarsh MBE

Why not align yourself with these distinguished collectors, expressing your festive support for Cornish artists this Christmas and become a contemporary art collector?

Visit John Dyer Gallery Online

If you’re eager to explore the works of Cornish artists John Dyer, Ted Dyer and Joanne Short, look no further than the John Dyer Gallery online. Our virtual gallery offers a stunning array of art pieces, from original paintings to eye-catching prints and artist-designed gifts.

To stay in the loop, register your email to be invited to our unique exhibition openings and online special collections. You can email the gallery to join our postal mail list with your address. By supporting the John Dyer Gallery and our talented artists, you’re helping to keep the vibrant Cornish art scene alive and thriving.

Buy Original Paintings for Christmas

John Dyer original paintings available for Christmas in a room setting with a festive Christmas tree
Above: Two original John Dyer paintings displayed in a room with a Christmas tree. Buy original paintings online.

When it comes to gifting art, there’s nothing quite like presenting someone with an original painting. This Christmas, consider purchasing original paintings by renowned artists like John Dyer, Joanne Short, and Ted Dyer. These exquisite works of art will make an unforgettable present and leave a lasting impression for future generations.

Artist John Dyer

John Dyer is Cornwall’s most celebrated and famous modern artist. He has the distinction of being the artist in residence for the Eden Project in the UK and an official Artist for the Earth with in the USA. His unique way of capturing his subjects in his artwork has garnered praise from notable individuals, such as Sir Tim Smit, Alan Titchmarsh, and Kim Wilde.

Above: 'Cornish Spring Bike Ride, Zennor', 24x24 inches acrylic on canvas. Cornwall Painting by Cornish Artist John Dyer

Dyer’s globetrotting adventures have led him to work on projects and exhibitions with esteemed organisations like Tall Ships Sail Training International, Survival International, Eden Project, Born Free, and NGOs in Costa Rica, the Philippines, Peru, and Kenya. His artwork can be found in prestigious collections like the UK’s national art collections, Falmouth Art Gallery, The Eden Project, Save the Children, the National Trust, and the NHS.

Artist Joanne Short

Joanne Short is another shining star in the Cornish art scene. Renowned as Cornwall’s most talented colourist painter, her vibrant and expressive artwork has captured the hearts of art enthusiasts worldwide. Joanne is a proud member of the illustrious Newlyn Society of Artists, a prestigious group with a history of critical recognition.

Above: 'Full Moon over Mylor Harbour', 
18 x 18 inches, oil on canvas. Painting by Cornish Artist Joanne Short.

Her beautiful oil paintings of Cornwall have graced the walls of numerous homes and galleries. Joanne has also been featured in the ITV series ‘The Painted Garden’ and has taught at Falmouth College of Art and Cornwall College. Her work is a testament to her talent and passion for art.

Artist Ted Dyer

Ted Dyer is yet another renowned artist hailing from Cornwall. As the region’s most sought-after figurative artist and leading Cornish impressionist painter, Ted’s unique narrative style and thoughtful colour placements breathe life into his captivating paintings.

Above: 'Rooks in the Snow. Falmouth', 14x14 inches original art oil on canvas by Ted Dyer

Often focusing on the South West Peninsula, Ted uses the hues created by the early morning or evening sun to fill his canvas with a delicate touch. His masterful paintwork can be admired in places like Falmouth Art Gallery in Cornwall, showcasing the exquisite talent that the Cornish art scene has to offer.


As you can see, art is a fantastic way to bring joy, beauty, and a touch of sophistication to your home this Christmas season. By choosing art as a gift, you’re not only making a unique and memorable gesture but also supporting the talented artists behind these masterpieces.

So, why not spread some holiday cheer and support Cornish artists this Christmas? From limited-edition prints to artist-designed mugs and calendars, there’s an artful gift for everyone on your list. Give the gift of beauty and creativity this holiday season, and watch as your loved ones unwrap the magic of art.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of art make for great Christmas gifts?

Don't settle for a boring gift this holiday season - give them something with some style! Limited-edition signed prints, open-edition prints, festive poster prints, and other artist-designed gifts like mugs, calendars, T-shirts, and iPhone cases make great Christmas presents.

How can I support Cornish artists during the Christmas season?

Show your holiday spirit and support Cornish artists by buying their artwork, exploring their galleries, and spreading the word about them!

What should I consider when choosing an art calendar as a Christmas gift?

When choosing an art calendar as a Christmas gift, consider what the recipient would like - from the artist to the dimensions. Get something unique and high-quality for them to enjoy!

What is the difference between limited-edition prints and open-edition prints?

Limited edition prints are the cream of the crop - they're signed, numbered, and tend to come with a heftier price tag, whereas open-edition prints won't break the bank and don't come with the same exclusivity. They are both very high quality and museum-quality.

Where can I find unique art-inspired T-shirts and iPhone cases?

If you're looking to stand out from the crowd with unique art-inspired pieces, check out

 Buy Art for Christmas - Choose Perfect Presents

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