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Bringing London to Your Living Room: The Story Behind Our Prints of London

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Prints of London to buy online - Greenwich and the River Thames with the view to Canary Wharf from the Cutty Sark

Above: Detail of John Dyer's signed limited edition print of London featuring the River Thames at Greenwich, the Cutty Sark surrounded by people, and the view to Canary Wharf (spot the man at the top of the Tall Ship!) and the O2 Arena. Buy this London print online

Have you ever dreamed of taking a trip to London and experiencing all that it has to offer? Or perhaps you already had the chance to explore the bustling city but find yourself wanting more. Whatever your relationship with London is, we are here to bring its unique beauty into your home without you having to leave the comfort of your own living room. We celebrate the energy and culture of one of the world’s most famous cities through our bold, eye-catching London art prints inspired by British landmarks, neighbourhoods, and lifestyles. Read on for an exclusive look into our creative process as well as enlightening stories behind some of our favourite pieces.

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Above:  London Print of Westminster Abbey and Big Ben with Fireworks. Vintage Style Poster

Exploring the Iconic Landmarks of London through Art 

London is renowned as a global hub for art, offering a plethora of renowned galleries, from quaint local ones to the grand halls of The National Gallery and Tate Britain. For art enthusiasts, London is a dream come true. Moreover, London itself has inspired countless artists, making it a muse in its own right.

Above: Vintage Style Travel Art Poster Print by Joanne Short of London Landmarks Montage

From the Parliament Buildings to the scenic views along the Thames, artists have continuously portrayed the enchantment of London. Through their brushstrokes, they strive to capture the essence of this captivating city.  Whether you're an aspiring artist or simply appreciate their art, be sure to follow in our artists' footsteps on your next holiday to London.

Above:'Le Parlement, Soleil Couchant' (Parliament, Sunset - London) by Claude Monet. Open Edition Fine Art Print

Artist Joanne Short walks us through the collection of art posters and prints of London that the John Dyer Gallery have available to buy and shows us a little history of her's and husband John Dyer's trips and inspiration to the city and its world famous iconic buildings that they love.

Our Collection of Art Prints of London at the John Dyer Gallery

Here at the John Dyer Gallery we have a wide selection of London art prints. We have both poster prints of London and limited edition prints.

What is a limited edition art print?

A limited edition print is the perfect way to acquire a more exclusive piece of work. Unlike mass-produced posters, limited edition prints are only available in a fixed number and is personally signed by the artist making each piece a rare artefact. The print run, once decided upon by the artist, is strictly adhered to. This scarcity amplifies the print's desirability and value, making it a coveted piece for any collector. The artist's signature is sequentially numbered, further authenticating each print, attesting to its originality and significance. Thus, owning a limited edition print is about possessing a slice of the artist's vision and an exclusive bond with the artist. In this case it is more than a simple depiction of London's enchanting cityscape; it's a part of art history that you can call your own.

Above: Limited Edition London Garden Art Print by John Dyer. 'Performing to the Parrots in the Park, Royal Albert Hall'. London Gallery Print

The History and Artistic Representation Behind Each Art Print 

John and I have taken many trips to 'The Big Smoke' over the years and posed in many photos in front of some very iconic buildings. London is a place full of life. Here are a few examples of places we have been and the resulting London art prints and posters. And there are even a selection of other famous artists' paintings of London.

Joanne Short and John Dyer at the Royal Albert Hall
Above: Joanne Short and John Dyer at The Royal Albert Hall

Above: London print of The Royal Albert Hall by Joanne Short

Who can resist a trip to look at the Royal Albert Hall in all its splendour? 

Joanne Short at the Houses of Parliament

Above: Joanne Short at the Houses of Parliament

Above: Vintage Style Travel Art Poster Print by Joanne Short of The London Eye at Sunset

Photograph of Joanne Short at The British Museum

Above: Photograph of Joanne Short at The British Museum

Above: Art Poster Print by Joanne Short of The British Museum, London.

Photograph of John Dyer and Joanne Short outside Buckingham Palace

Above: Photograph of Joanne Short at Trafalgar Square, New Years Eve, 2022
Above: Poster by Joanne Short of Trafalgar Square, London
Vintage Style Travel Poster by Joanne Short of Trafalgar Square, London
Above: Photograph of John Dyer and Joanne Short outside Buckingham Palace

Above: Poster Print by Joanne Short of Buckingham Palace, London

London art isn't just an aesthetic addition to your home, it's a veritable conversation starter and an expression of your unique personality. Decorative art can instantly revamp a space, transforming it from a dull, lifeless room into an inviting, vibrant haven. It is also a way to take home memories of trips and holidays you may have taken around the world.

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