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Orangutan Art

Looking for something unique to celebrate Earth Day this year? How about some John Dyer orangutan art?

We are excited to offer an artist collection of orangutan prints and orangutan art posters, all created from paintings completed in the Borneo rainforest.

Our talented artist, John Dyer, has worked tirelessly to capture the beauty and majesty of these endangered animals, and we are proud to offer his artwork to our customers.

Whether you're looking for a piece of orangutan art for your home or office, we have something perfect for you from one of the UK's most acclaimed environmental artists. You might also enjoy viewing Amazon Rainforest art.

Above: John Dyer painting wild orangutans in the Borno jungle
Discover more about John Dyer painting Orangutans in Borneo


John Dyer - Artist for the Earth with Earth

British artist John Dyer is an official 'Artist for the Earth' with and raises awareness around species like orangutans through his art. He has painted all over the world, and many of his paintings are a way to bring attention to the plight of our planet by focusing on uplifting and optimistic views of the world to engage and enhance people's awareness.

Through his art, John Dyer hopes people will connect to the subjets he highlights and this series of orangutan art artwork is a perfect example of this.

Orangutan Painting in Borneo

All of the art featured here was completed during an expedition to the Borneo rainforest supported by Procreate, Innova Art, The Royal Geographical Society, The Born Free Foundation, The Eden Project, Earth Day, and The Orangutan Foundation. John Dyer lived and painted deep in the rainforest of southern Borneo amongst the wild orangutans. You can find out all about this extraordinary adventure and also engage your children through art by visiting the 'Last Chance to Paint' Borneo project page.

John Dyer painting wild baby orangutans in Borneo

Above: John Dyer painting as baby orangutans feed in the rainforest of Borneo

Orangutan Drawings on iPad

Some of the drawings featured on these museum-quality orangutan art prints were created by John Dyer deep in the Borneo rainforest on an iPad mini.

Using Procreate on iPad is a fast and mobile painting and drawing solution that enabled the artist to react quickly to the animals and to gain a visual understanding of the orangutans as they fed, played, rested, and explored the rainforest.

Making drawings of the baby orangutans allowed the artist to understand how elements such as their feet, hand, mouth, lips, head, general shape, and lines worked and this helped to enable the artist to find the 'essence' of an orangutan for his celebratory paintings which were also completed in the jungle.

Learning to draw orangutans in the wild and to work with the shape of these extraordinary creatures is something that everyone can now enjoy and involve their children with through John Dyer's Last Chance to Paint project for schools.

Orangutan Signed Limited Edition prints

John Dyer's orangutan painting experience was unique as he was given special government permission to venture into the wildlife reserve with the Orangutan Foundation and the paintings he completed in the jungle are now available as signed limited edition orangutan prints. Each print is personally numbered, titled, and then signed by the artist and they are printed with the highest quality inks onto artist quality fine art watercolor paper.

Artist Orangutan Fine Art Poster Prints

Each John Dyer orangutan painting and drawing is also available as a museum-quality artist fine art poster print. These stunning prints feature John's amazing orangutan art paintings and drawings with crisp typography and design.

Purchase Orangutan Art Online

All of the orangutan drawings and orangutan paintings of the wild orangutans in Borneo by John Dyer can be purchased from our gallery online. The art poster prints are created for you in the UK, USA, Australia, and the EU for super fast delivery, and delivery is free. The signed limited edition orangutan art prints are created by the artist in his studio in the UK and are sent to you with free worldwide delivery to your door.

If you are looking for an orangutan painting please do contact the gallery as John Dyer does consider special commissions.

Artist for the Earth John Dyer with his orangutan painting in the Borneo jungle

Above: Artist John Dyer holding his finished painting of baby orangutans in the Borneo rainforest.


Orangutans in Borneo are critically endangered due to poaching, habitat loss, and the illegal pet trade. orangutan populations have declined by more than 60% over the past 75 years, and they could be extinct from the wild within 10-20 years if current trends continue. orangutans are important for rainforest health, and their disappearance could lead to disastrous consequences for the environment.

Orangutans were therefore a natural 'Last Chance to Paint' subject for John Dyer as they may well not exist in the wild within a decade which is heartbreaking.


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