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Cosmopolitan Cannes

  • 2 min read

Cosmopolitan Cannes

Cannes is a world famous Riviera resort and it strives to keep up this commercial worldwide success by hosting a series of important international events throughout the year.

The Cannes Film Festival is without doubt the event that has put Cannes on the map, and this keeps property prices and rents at record highs. A place to invest if you feel inclined.

Cannes has all the charm you would expect. A wide and grand seafront the Croisette is covered in rides for the children, carousels, and snack bars.

There is often a market towards the old part of the town set amongst the beautiful Plane trees and with the typically flamboyant French architecture it really does epitomise the French coast.

Further along the strip you find the amazing grand hotels like the Carlton and Miramar and in front of these there is a wide and sandy beach.

Travel in late April and you will probably find a cosmopolitan mix of fur coated Italians (Italy seems to have missed the fur trade renaissance!), nearly naked French, and over excited Asian men. It is a great place to people watch !

Cannes isn’t as relaxing as the smaller towns on the Riviera, but the glamour and history of the town make it a must see destination, and as you wander under the towering Miami like palms you will probably be able to stick your head through a wooden cutout to pretend to be a famous film-star. 

We all looked lovely as Spiderman!

•The Cannes Film festival started in 1939. It usually opens in May. Expect to pay higher prices for hotels because of this.

•Head for the seafront when you arrive and take in the sunny celebrity atmosphere.

Painting shown:

Artist: John Dyer
Painting: “Cannes Fun Festival”

Size: 24 x 18 inches

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Courtesy of Gallery Monaco

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