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Lanlivery School has been inspired by the art of John Dyer!

  • 2 min read

Lanlivery School has been inspired by the art of John Dyer!

Teacher Ben Tucker from Lanlivery school contacted us to show us how well the children had done.
"Our school topic last half term was Cornwall. Inspired by John’s work, Lanlivery School has created a beautiful collaborative piece of art for our main entrance hall." 
We asked Mr Tucker a few questions about the project:
What inspired the project?
Our whole school topic was based on Cornwall. 

Why did you choose the artist John Dyer? 
The children looked at a collection of Cornwall based artists. John Dyer's work captured their imaginations and they really wanted to emulate the style.

Which paintings of John’s did the children use for inspiration and why?
The children explored many of John Dyer's works, including Boats and Ropes, Mad Dogs and Cornishmen, St Michael's Mount and so on. The children could relate their experiences and interpretations of what Cornwall means to them through John's work.

Which elements of John’s work did the children like the best? The seagulls, flowers and people. 

How did the collaborative piece of art come about?
Every week we have a carousel, whereby the children rotate activities with a lead adult. On this occasion, our own resident creative artist Miss Collins, worked with the children to drawn on different aspects of John Dyer's paintings.  

Why is creativity important to a child’s development?
We believe that creativity is integral to a child's learning and development. Indeed it is part of our ethos here at Lanlivery Primary Academy

"It's always fantastic to see how my art has inspired schools and children to connect to the environment and to explore their creativity. It is fundamental to child development and really important for all children to be involved in creative projects like this. The resulting piece of art the children made is really wonderful and you can see that they have looked at my paintings and enjoyed the freedom and colours that I find in the Cornish landscape. I hope that the school might take part in my new art project 'Last Chance to Paint'." John Dyer.