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John Dyer paints the Wetlands of Australia - Banrock Station Wine

  • 1 min read

John Dyer paints the Wetlands of Australia - Banrock Station Wine

Seeing is believing! And never have truer words been used to describe the artworks of famous UK artist John Dyer. The Artist-in-Residence at the Eden Project, in Cornwall in the United Kingdom.

John has just spent a week at Banrock painting the many diverse and unique landscapes of the property. 

John is a highly sought-after artist, commissioned to paint his unique 'plantscapes' throughout the world. 

At Banrock, his colourful and detailed style captured the wildlife and plant life against the natural backdrops of the wetlands, floodplains, mallee woodlands, vineyards, river and the mighty cliffs. 

His visit follows Banrock's amazing sponsorship of the Eden Project's Good Garden program last year. The Eden Project is the amazing vision of Tim Smit, who inspired the support of the UK Millennium Program to help fund the creation of massive glass domes covering a disused china-clay mine pit in Cornwall, now housing rainforest landscapes and other Mediterranean landscapes that attract 1.5 million visitors every year. 

An exhibition of John's latest work, the Banrock Station Exhibition by John Dyer, will be held at the Eden Project in June this year to coincide with Tony Sharley's visit to the UK.

Text from Banrock Station, Hardy Wines.