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John Dyer on a Cornish Daffodil Safari

  • 1 min read

John Dyer on a Cornish Daffodil Safari

I am back on safari today. Painting in the land rover in a field above Penzance. The sun is interspersed with mist but this creates a brilliance to the light when the mist lifts. Warm, gentle breeze. Flocks of birds and lots of daffodils too.

The daffodils in Cornwall really do herald the onset of Spring and Summer. Their joyous golden yellow spreads across the Cornish landscape like a carpet. Driving through the county one hets sudden glimpses of brillant colour through the hedges.

In the fields above Penzance I can drive my Land Rover through the muddy tracks and inbetween the daffodils to get a fantastic view across the landscape and out to St Michael's Mount in the distance. I just love this landscape. A landscape that has been slowly worked and changed in a very human way.

Cornish Springtime is a magical time.

It's good be back out painting again after a long winter.