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Go anywhere Art Studio and B&B !

  • 2 min read

Go anywhere Art Studio and B&B !

Go anywhere Art Studio and B&B !

Our Dormobile Land Rover 110 Defender ‘Ruby’ is far more than just a vehicle; Ruby has become part of the glue that keeps our family young and happy. It’s an instant escape from the pressures we are all under and it really is a way of being a family again, to be together, to make time for each other and to enjoy each other. It is a wonderful thing. One night away in her is like a holiday. It’s that simple. 
Ruby has been used and used and used. We lived in France and had an art studio in Italy for three years. It really is comical doing those tight corners in Monaco in a Defender - it always needed a three point turn and was accompanied by a chorus of furious beeping horns ! We drove her to Pompeii and Barcelona, from Monaco to Falmouth and everywhere in between. Ruby was now firmly part of the family, but needing a revamp after a decade of hard work with us. It would be unthinkable to sell her and what could possibly replace a 12 seater Land Rover? A camper van perhaps ? And that is how we got to the Dormobile idea as we had always wanted to be able to sleep in Ruby on our adventures.
I discovered you can still get an original brand new Dormobile conversion for Land Rovers and VW vans at Dormobile in Romsey. The original Dormobile design is great value, rugged and tried and tested. Perfect for us. Ruby is now officially the 1000th Dormobile to join the Dormobile Owners' club ! Ruby is now a 12 seater, 4 berth camper van with heating, led lighting, iPhone charging points, a table and sofa. Perfect.
We use our Dormobile Land Rover to explore all over Cornwall and beyond. My wife Jo and I are well known Cornish artists so we travel to amazing locations to paint and to gather material for new sets of paintings. We always have a warm and dry home from home, warm food and hot tea wherever we are. It’s great knowing that we can drive into muddy woodland or a field to get a fabulous view and still be able to drive out again ! 
We choose amazing locations, if it’s dry we cook on the bonnet, the children sit on the roof and play their musical instruments or draw. Evenings are spent under the stars with steaming hot drinks, plenty of heating and we all look forward to snuggling up for the night. Our imaginations refreshed and our creative juices flowing. What could be better ?"
John Dyer. Artist.