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Cornish Fancies 1995

  • 2 min read

Cornish Fancies 1995

This year's exhibition promises to create a lively and unfaded vision of Cornwall - a breath of fresh air and colour. The paintings include John's refreshing interpretation of delightful cornish harbours and villages, set alongside his dreamy paintings of floating people, abundant fish and luxurious mermaids. The title "Cornish Fancies" appropriately describes both sides to John's enchanting paintings. With a splash of colour the paintings leap from their frames and welcome you through the door. Each painting is a reminder of a happy day spent sitting on clifftops and hillsides, harbour walls and beaches, while the world goes by and is captured in paint. A world of happiness and colour; flowers blooming and people having fun. You can almost hear the lapping of the water, the jangling of the masts and people shouting and laughing. The painting "Serving Lunch to Family and Friends" embraces, begging you to join in the feast. A place has been set at the table for the viewer, as seagulls swoop around and fresh lobster is served. The vibrant colours in the foreground are calmed gently by the soft blues of the sea and the drifting motion of the sailing boats behind. The cat looks up longingly, asking for a treat. In some of the softer coloured paintings, John captures the early morning light, ready for a beautifully hot summer's day. In the painting "Moon Daisies and Fishermen, Port Loe" the soft greens of the landscape are balanced with the pale blue sky and turquoise sea. The busy fishermen are captured in their daily tasks, while the wild flowers nod their lazy heads in approval, from the cliffs above.

John Dyer 1995