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A Splash of Summer 1996

  • 1 min read

A Splash of Summer 1996

This year's show brings us the sizzling heat and sunshine frolics we all enjoy on a summer's day. It brings us colourful boats buzzing about on the river, happy people playing on the beach, sumptuous food and flowers on brightly coloured tablecloths - wine ready to pour and scones ready to eat. Part of the exhibition includes a body of work which John painted in Catalonia. After the initial battle against ants and heat, not to mention a few not so friendly dogs, John managed to capture the beauty and colours of the mediterranean. Local people gardening, selling fruit in the market, chatting and walking the dog. All these beautiful spanish elements John has brought back for us to enjoy with him. His cornish paintings too are influenced by his spanish trip, and seem to ooze with a mediterranean light. But then, when the sun shines, Cornwall could be anywhere in the world. John's paintings are full of energy; the paint is applied vigorously with clean colours and fresh brush strokes. His subjects become animated and are full of joy. 'A Splash of Summer' really is what it says, with paintings to make you smile and enjoy the summer all year round.

John Dyer 1996