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1041 children inspired by Tribal Culture & the Rainforest

  • 1 min read

1041 children inspired by Tribal Culture & the Rainforest

Artist John Dyer, explorer and president of Survival International Robin Hanbury-Tenison and representatives from the Eden Project and Falmouth Art Gallery spent 4 hours deliberating over the entries.

"It was a hotly debated process with the judging panel engaging in animated conversation and support of many of the pieces."said John.

Each piece of art was carefully looked at and given a star rating by the judges. This resuted in the top 24 winners being selected for prizes and a selection of the top 300 to be printed out for display in the rainforest biome at the Eden Project.

John continued "This has been our most succesfull community project yet, even beating the Tall Ships 2014 as far as the number of entries goes. By my rough calculations, considering each child has a family and I know that many schools only sent in the best work, we have directly connected approximately 5000 people to tribal culture and the rainforest through this part of the project alone." 

All of the art that was sent in is now on display online at The John Dyer Gallery and also on Eden's web site. The top 24 winners are being personally invited to Eden to meet artist John Dyer and Amazon Indian Nixiwaka Yawanawá to receive their prizes of signed John Dyer Amazon prints worth £115.

The winners will also see their work framed up and displayed in the exhibition that runs until January 2016.

Their work will also be displayed in the award wining Falmouth Art Gallery.