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Our MissionConnecting children with the environment with ‘LIVE’ art adventures & exhibiting their art in the World Gallery to highlight what we all stand to lose. Our artists give their time to inspire, engage and connect children to art and the natural world through our extraordinary arts project that we run with the Born Free Foundation and the Eden Project.Last Chance to Paint is our free gift to the world and we have over 270 schools in 29 countries taking part.FIND OUT MORE NOW AND SIGN UP

Above: Artist John Dyer painting in the rainforest of Borneo with endangered orangutans.


Art Books about Cornish artist John Dyer, including 'A Vison of Paradise' written by Brain Stewart which chronicals John's work up until 2006. We also have John Dyer's book from his Darwin 200 residency which includes his paintings from Peru. The third book we have is the largest and includes all the best work from children involved in John Dyer's Tall Ships art and storytelling project alongside the artist's work.