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The National Trust's Whacky World of John Dyer

  • 1 min read

The National Trust's Whacky World of John Dyer

The National Trust at Trelissick in Cornwall have recently run an art workshop based on the work of artist John Dyer. 120 children were inspired during the day to create works based on elements taken from the artist's paintings.

“We ended up with fish, mermaids, penguins!!, boats, chickens, puffins, seagulls (of course), caterpillars!! exuberant mermaids in gay abandon, dogs, crabs etc etc. 

We did clay and we also had a very colourful table of papier mache, plus coloured cards, paper, and double backed sticky, to do finger puppets, origami totems of seagulls and puffins. We had very happy little kids (about 120 throughout the day), who all LOVED the whacky world of John Dyer.” 

Jo Wallace, Trelissick Gallery.

One of the seagulls created during the workshop escaped and is now on display flying around the gallery !

With thanks to all the team at Trelissick who made this such a fantastic event for the children.