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Above: Artist John Dyer painting in the rainforest of Borneo with endangered orangutans.

The art of Joanne Short inspires Mount Hawke Academy

  • 1 min read

The art of Joanne Short inspires Mount Hawke Academy

We received a lovely email from Jenna Hart the year 2 teacher at Mount Hawke Academy explaining how the class had been using the art of Joanne Short for their class topic of 'Cornwall'.

We asked the school to explain a little more so that we could share it on the gallery blog for you all.

"The children in Key Stage One at Mount Hawke Academy have been learning all about 'Cornwall' this half term through the art of Joanne Short.

Pendeen class love the bright, vibrant work of Joanne Short and thoroughly enjoyed studying a range of her work.

The children all noticed the bright flowers that feature in the foreground in each piece of art and loved applying this idea to their own work.

We chose to focus on Joanne's posters of Mousehole as we had been learning the story 'The Mousehole Cat' in our English lessons. Pendeen class loved drawing Mousehole in the style of Joanne Short and have all produced bright, colourful images of Mousehole inspired by Joanne."

And artist Joanne Short said:

"It's really fantastic to see a school using art as the hub to a subject as it allows each child to bond with the subject in their own time and own way. I love the vibrant and energetic drawings the children have made inspired by my paintings. It's a joy to see. Congratulations to all." Joanne Short.