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St Piran's Day in Penzance

  • 1 min read

St Piran's Day in Penzance

I went to watch the St Piran’s day celebration in Penzance this morning.

Martha-Lilly my daughter was playing piccolo and all the children dressed in black and white.

St Piran’s day started as one of the tinners’ holidays in Cornwall and it is still celebrated today.

Cornish flags and tartan were the themes, along with lots of school children all dressed strictly in black and white. The children danced in the streets and played music on a wide variety of instruments. Brilliant.

The sense of national pride in Cornwall is very real and St Piran's day isn't just another parade but creates a deep sense of place and belonging.

I often feature the Cornish flag in my paintings as I feel it creates a real sense of place. It is a great flag to paint - so strong and simple and so recognisable.

On my trips around the world I have often come across the St Piran's Cornish flag proudly flying. A testament to the huge skill and knowledge of the cornish miners who forged industrial and family links all over the globe.

St Piran's day is a very Cornish celebration and a treat to see. It will inspire a new painting for sure!