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Planted to Paint Clos-du-Peyronnet. MENTON’S LAST GARDEN

  • 2 min read

Planted to Paint Clos-du-Peyronnet. MENTON’S LAST GARDEN

The Clos du Peyronnet is a House and Garden in the Garavan area of Menton on the south coast of France and only 200 meters from Italy.

The garden is regarded as one of the finest on the Riviera and is tended and curated by William Waterfield and his dog Prickles ! The Waterfield family started the garden in 1915 (the villa was built in 1903) and this is the last garden in Menton that is still being cared for by the family that created it, so it has an amazing living history. There is a book written by Giles Waterfield “The Long Afternoon” that contains some of the history of the house.

The garden isn’t a large one - but is has a real personality behind it. Sub tropical plants abound and there are a wide variety of bulbs and succulants to see. The Wisteria which comes out in April is really spectacular as it wraps itself around the front of the property.

The Clos has a famed series of small pools that terrace down the garden giving the impression that the sea is one of the pools at the end of the cascade and from one side of the garden you can look across to the old town of Menton.

In the evening with a full moon and bats and swallows flying around it is the most romantic place in the world. Rent the top floor of the Clos for a week and enjoy turn of the century faded opulence in the beautifully designed and appointed rooms of the tower apartment. It isn’t cheap - but it is worth it !

You don’t have to stay at the property to visit the garden. You may book a personal appointment with William Waterfield to view. There is a small charge for this.

This is one of Menton’s last Belle Époque Villas and the last family garden in the town - a must see.

Paintings shown:

Artist: Joanne Short
Painting: “Patchwork Flowers and Pink Sky”

Size: 24 x 24 inches

Medium: Oil on canvas
Courtesy of Gallery Monaco

Artist: John Dyer
Painting: “Moonlit Serenade”

Size: 24 x 24 inches

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Courtesy of Gallery Monaco