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New collection of John Dyer paintings for the spring

  • 2 min read

New collection of John Dyer paintings for the spring

We are delighted to release five new original paintings from Cornish artist John Dyer to celebrate the start of Spring.

These new canvases bring a huge amount of colour and energy to us. Bright yellow daffodils set against the deep blue Cornish sea creates a perfect colour combination that the artist uses to great effect in his 12 x 10 inch canvas "Springtime Cornish Seagulls and Daffodils". John has filled the sky in this delightful painting with a host of his famous Cornish seagulls. The free use of paint and colour creates a wonderful sense of energy and freedom.

The artist has also turned his attention to the island of Tresco with two canvases taking inspiration from this magical island. "Peeping through the Echiums" and "Boats on the Beach, Old Grimsby" are great examples of the artists work based on this island.

"I love the springtime, I literally come out of hibernation and my eyes light up with all the wondrous colours and future painting days that are on the way. When the fields of Cornwall turn yellow with daffodils my whole spirit is lifted and I start to paint again after the long winter months." John Dyer

John grows echiums in his own garden in Falmouth and the extraordinary plants often feature in his paintings. 

"Out of all the flowers I paint the echium is the most amazing. It is so big, huge in fact, they tower over you exploding like rockets from the ground. Echiums make brilliant plants to paint as they interrupt the foreground and sky - zooming up the painting and creating wonderful negative spaces around them and miniature compositions within the main canvas. I love them." John Dyer

Maraizon and St Michael's Mount feature in two of Johns paintings. John's 12 x 10 inch painting "Time for a Cuddle, Marazion" captures a wonderful moment and takes our view across Mazizon, the clock tower and out across Mount's Bay. The colours in this painting are delightful.

The major piece we are releasing today is John Dyer's painting of St Michael's Mount, a 24 x 24 inch canvas titled "Summer Flowers and Sailing Boats, St Michael's Mount". This spectacularly colourful and energetic painting is a classic John Dyer piece. Palm trees explode like fireworks, the flowers bounce with vibrant colour and the iridescent shallow water of Mount's bay sparkles. There is a lot of narrative content too. A seal and swimmers play in the shallows and sailing boats and fishermen enjoy the gentle sea. The island of St Michael's Mount is large and tropical; the artist has emphasised the palms. Seagulls and ravens fly through the energetically painted blue Cornish sky. 

We are sure you will enjoy this new collection that can be viewed now on The John Dyer Gallery.

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