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Above: Artist John Dyer painting in the rainforest of Borneo with endangered orangutans.

John Dyer Sell out exhibition on Tresco. Gallery Tresco

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John Dyer Sell out exhibition on Tresco. Gallery Tresco

"John is a very exciting 'plein-air' painter who has a large global following. He is 'Painter in residence' at the Eden Project, and is firmly at the forefront of contemporary Cornish art." 
Gallery Tresco 2005 

John's latest exhibition on the island of Tresco has been a huge success. The gallery had kept it secret from John that virtually the entire catalogue had pre-sold prior to the private view.

"The phones have been ringing ever since the catalogue was posted, we have had a huge response to John's work" Gallery Tresco

"It is amazing to find the entire collection sold before the opening." John Dyer.

The exhibition was a joint show with artist Francis Farmer who exhibited his acclaimed paintings of Tresco.

The Dorrien-Smiths who own Tresco attended the private view event. Nine of John Dyer's originals are on display on the island of Tresco. Many of them hung in public positions.

John's exhibition of work was called "Round about Tresco" and featured 23 new works, many of which were painted on the islands.

"I am thrilled to have completed this new set of work and to once again been hosted by the Tresco Estate. Tresco is one of the best subjects for any artist." John Dyer 2005

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