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John Dyer - Press Support for Tall Ships Residency 2008

  • 1 min read

John Dyer - Press Support for Tall Ships Residency 2008

The Press in Cornwall have shown enormous support of The John Dyer Gallery and its working partners during the Tall Ships Regatta.

The Packet Newspaper, West Briton, Cornwall Today, BBC Spotlight TV, BBC Radio Cornwall and ITV Westcountry TV all gave their time and column inches to support the creative,commercial and community aspects of the work carried out by the gallery during the event.

“This has been an amazing project and it shows the power of getting the balance between commercial success and community involvement right. Without the support of the press it would have been impossible and we would like to thank all the journalists and publishers involved.”
John Dyer 2008

The press featured the artists own paintings, the charity auction and the work from the 149 children who entered the painting competition organised by the NMMC, Falmouth Art Gallery, Falmouth Tall Ships and The John Dyer Gallery.

“We have had live Radio interviews, many articles in the newspapers and support on both BBC and ITV TV for our exhibition event and we are extremely grateful for this.”

The John Dyer Gallery.