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Hundreds of people flock to John Dyer event at Falmouth Art Gallery

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Hundreds of people flock to John Dyer event at Falmouth Art Gallery

The John Dyer Gallery in partnership with Newquay Zoo, NMMC, Heritage Lottery, Darwin 200 and  Falmouth Art Gallery created one of their busiest ever art events in Cornwall on Saturday August 29th. 

“Only artists John Dyer and Joanne Short could create an event like this !”

Families from all over the country travelled to attend this special evening at Falmouth Art Gallery to view John’s complete collection of paintings for Darwin 200.

“I couldn’t believe it, 20 minutes before the show was due to open the gallery was already packed with hundreds of people, they came in from the lift, the stairs and the double doors !”

The winning children from the BIG Darwin 200 art competition that was organised by John attended the event and had their prizes awarded to them from the mayor.

John Dyer also launched his latest book at the event.

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