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Gallery of the Month. John Dyer Gallery in myCornwall Magazine. Interview with artist John Dyer.

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Gallery of the Month. John Dyer Gallery in myCornwall Magazine. Interview with artist John Dyer.

The August/September 2013 issue of MyCornwall magazine features an exclusive interview with artist John Dyer.


"The John Dyer Gallery is one of the UK’s leading contemporary art galleries. They deal in the very

best contemporary art and have a leading and unique programme of exhibitions and community projects running all year round.

Established in 2005 the gallery has formed working relationships with the Eden Project, The National Trust, St Michael’s Mount, Falmouth Art Gallery, The National Maritime Museum and many environmental organisations around the world. They offer their customers a special opportunity to spend time with them viewing paintings, ceramics and prints in a friendly and comfortable environment without interruptions and specialise in holding exhibitions in temporary spaces with cutting edge paintings.

myCornwall spoke with John Dyer about the galleries unique appeal, the clients it attracts and the creative input that goes in to each painting.

John greets me warmly at the door of his beautiful Edwardian property and invites me in his exclusive gallery space. I’m immediately drawn in by the relaxing atmosphere and vibrant colours of the artwork on display and feel that the private nature of the gallery, provides a sense of exclusivity and creates a much more personal viewing experience.

Handing me a mug of tea adorned with his artwork, John starts by explaining what makes the gallery stand apart from others across Cornwall.

“Having a private gallery space means that clients are able to meet the artists and discuss their work with them directly. What’s unique about this gallery is that it operates online, and in partnership with some of the UK’s most prestigious organisations.”


He originally founded the Beside The Wave Gallery with his father Ted Dyer and family. Beside The Wave gallery has now been sold but the John Dyer Gallery now represents the artists’ work and is a natural progression from the previous gallery.

The gallery is home to the works of three artists; the work of John Dyer, his wife Joanne Short and his father, Ted Dyer and it’s role is to support their work and for clients to have the best experience possible, but what was the idea behind the new gallery format?

“We decided the best thing to do was to not be confused with high street art but to concentrate on our real art. We set up our website and I was lucky to be in a position as an artist that my work was very well known and so we already had a certain following. I’ve also worked with a number of non-government organisations around the world and so I was able to bring those working partners in to our virtual gallery.” In terms of the work itself, John reveals a little about the inspiration behind the artwork.


“Inspiration is life and my paintings are deliberately optimistic. The purpose of a painting is to celebrate and there is a strong narrative in each piece. This is broadly the same of all of our work, it’s all figurative. Our individual styles are unique, my father Ted Dyer is much more traditional whilst Joanne and myself are more contemporary.”

“These are paintings that are done like handwriting. Lots of artists set out to emulate or copy and then get stuck. You have to paint with your own handwriting, it has to be natural to you and it is almost subconscious.” Our conversation soon turns to the private exhibitions held by the John Dyer gallery throughout the year.

“We have parties and exhibitions in conjunction with local organisations and exhibition spaces such as St Michael’s Mount and recently had our Spring Exhibition at Carwinion House, with free live music and cream teas for all that attended.” “We will also be holding a summer and Christmas exhibition and currently have a new series of summer paintings available on our website and in our physical gallery.”

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