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Above: Artist John Dyer painting in the rainforest of Borneo with endangered orangutans.

Eden host John Dyer Italian Crops Exhibition - World Food Day

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Eden host John Dyer Italian Crops Exhibition - World Food Day

Paintings and Stories from the Italian Landscape

The Eden Project, for International food week.

“From Tuesday 22nd to Friday 25th October, the Cornish story writing team, Scavel an Gow will display stories inspired by the artwork of John Dyer in the Partnership Tent.  On National Tell a Story Day, on 25th, these stories will be read by the writers themselves, who will be working with the Eden performers, to bring the stories to life.” The Eden Project

Eden's resident artist John Dyer has been asked by the Eden Project to paint the landscape, people and crops of the Italian region of Umbria. To interpret and embellish John's paintings Eden have also commissioned the acclaimed writers group 'Scavel an Gow' to write five new stories about John's paintings to accompany the exhibition.

"What this project sets out to achieve, through the combination of Eden's knowledge, the craft of storytelling and the visual impact of painting, is to grow the simple story of a family tending their 'orto' into a more complex understanding of the crops, family circumstances, economics, and the landscape that surrounds them. The work has become even more poignant as Italy begins to suffer in the severe climatic conditions. Italy's crops and economy are under severe stress. I hope my paintings will make people stop and think for a moment about the individual crop and the people who raised it from seed'

John Dyer