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Digory Dog - Sausage Dog Days with artist John Dyer

  • 1 min read

Digory Dog - Sausage Dog Days with artist John Dyer

Well the dog arrived, even though I put up a stiff resistance ! 

I have always loved dogs, other people’s dogs, but only for their shapes and characters.

So to have a real life puppy to deal with was a big deal!

But, Digory has got us out and about in even the bleakest Cornish weather and is helping to inspire a whole new set of paintings.

Dachshunds have been favoured by many artsist, I guess it is their loyal and loving character, their inbuilt lazy traits, there is no need to go on very long walks and their shape ! It is just so funny to see and even better to draw and paint. 

Picasso was devoted to his sausage dog and David Hockney produced an entire book about his two. Bonnard was also a sausage dog lover.

So we are now starting on our artistic journey with our dog. Can you spot Digory in the prints shown below ?

Thank you Digory, you silly little sausage.