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Creating a wall gallery blog by Majean

  • 2 min read

Creating a wall gallery blog by Majean

The popular lifestyle blog 'Work in Progress' by Majean has just published an article on creating a wall gallery and it features the art of Joanne Short.

Majean is a 30-something blogger who lives in London but was born and bred in Trinidad & Tobago. She says "feeling and looking good might just cause you to be happy", and she gears her writing towards 30 something women.

Majean received an unframed vintage style art print from the gallery of the Camel Estuary in Cornwall by Cornish artist Joanne Short.

Her first task was to locate a frame for the print and then to work out how to hang it in her home.

"I got the idea to have a wall gallery because all my walls are white and I love colour."

Majean purchased a black A3 sized frame that the poster would fit into. This Inspire frame is easily available on AmazonWe do sell the print framed directly from the gallery in a white frame if you don't want to have to research your own framing solution.

To decide exactly how to arrange her collection of framed prints and postcards the floor came in useful. "I put the frames on the floor and moved them around until I was happy with the flow of things." Majean deliberatley selected different frames for each item in her wall gallery to add texture.

"This is an inexpensive way to decorate your space, by creating a wall gallery."

We know at the John Dyer Gallery that wall galleries are a very popular trend at the moment with many of them featuring on pinterest. We recommend hanging the largest piece in your gallery first and then use that to start to arrange the smaller items around. This will give your wall gallery a focal point but will also mean that you can fit everything into the space. You will need two of you - one to hang and one to look from the other side of the room to make sure it is all looking straight and the gaps between the frames are considered as this negative space is just as important as the framed items themselves.

The wall gallery can be a small collection of framed items - or occupy a line across the wall or perhaps if you have a large collection it could expand across an entire wall almost floor to ceiling. The most succesful way though is to hang at approxiamately eye level height and two frames deep or three at the most if they are smaller.

Try and look at how pairs of frames work together or for a very chic look paint your wall white and select white frames for all of your framed pieces.

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