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Above: Artist John Dyer painting in the rainforest of Borneo with endangered orangutans.

Cornish Summer Treats Exhibition

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Cornish Summer Treats Exhibition

This summer brings a real Cornish treat as three of the county’s leading artists come together to exhibit a selection of stunning seascapes. Towards the end of July, John Dyer, Joanne Short and Ted Dyer present a vibrant array of their recent creations in Falmouth and online. This exhibition promises to be a special delight for fans of the artists and of the county itself.

Sub-tropical plants and flowers, the glorious coast, harbours and beaches will all be explored. Bright and bold canvases feature many beautiful landmarks from across the Duchy from the Lizard Lighthouse to St Michael’s Mount. As John explains: “Painting Cornwall is not just a process of recording what I see but for me it is a way of connecting to the place I call home, the place I find comfort in, the place I raise my family, the place I know and love.”

Among Joanne Short’s pieces on display
is Blue Iris, St Ives, a stunning oil on canvas featuring her trademark curved lines and sense of energy. Joanne says: “I’m very excited to be showing this new collection of paintings which I feel capture the essence of Cornwall at its best. In the small series of iris paintings, the colours create the feeling of calm and tranquility of Cornish springtime. I’ve enjoyed rediscovering the colour and light of beautiful places which come alive when the sun shines.”

Ted Dyer’s latest works include Twilight at St Anthony which provides another of his masterclasses in depicting reflected light. Ted gives some insight on his inspiration: “It is the mixture of warm days and long evenings that one remembers of summer – picnics, soft May and June grasses gently moving in the breeze and summer flowers catching the light. In this collection of work some of those thoughts and colours dominate: deep blue skies, special moons and shooting stars, shimmering light and a quiet contentedness. A real celebration!”

John adds: “A painting tells many stories, each viewer takes their own personal story away and the energy captured in a painting keeps on giving, it never deteriorates as it reflects the viewer's own energy, past and future. I love to paint, I love to dream and I love to bring joy to those that connect to my work. For this year’s summer exhibition I am painting all over Cornwall, travelling out to picnic and paint whenever I can. Sitting on a headland with my paints allows me to connect directly to nature and myself.”

And this exhibition is firmly rooted in a love of the Cornish coastline. Joanne says: “I feel privileged to live and work in such a special place; it is impossible not to feel the need to paint.” 

Words by Felix Rowe - Cornwall Living Magazine

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