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Cornish Solar Eclipse 1999

  • 1 min read

Cornish Solar Eclipse 1999

As the title of my show indicates this year is a very special year for me; I will be watching and waiting for the birth of my first child. My wife Joanne is expecting the baby on the 12th of August; the day after the Eclipse. For the birth of my first child to be due around such a significant and rare event has naturally had an impact on the subject matter of my work. As the shadow of the Moon sweeps across the landscape of Cornwall it will create a unique light and atmosphere a truly spectacular moment, visually and historically. Through my paintings I hope to convey my optimism, fun, life, joy, happiness, the good things in life, and the colours that pass people by. For me to be able to sit in the landscape and watch as life carries on before me is a real delight; fishermen tending their boats, flowers opening in the sun, children playing in the water, and dogs of all shapes, colours and sizes enjoying the world. These are just a few of the things that take me back into the landscape time and time again." 

John Dyer 1999


Martha-Lilly Dyer was born on the eclipse day of 1999. She was Cornwall's official eclipse baby and was featured in the newspapers the day after. Martha-Lilly is now an accomplished musician specialising in flute.